- The 2012 Synod of Bishops on evangelization began its second day with a call for the Catholic Church to roll back the “tsunami of secularism” that has swept over modern society in recent decades.

Nobel-Winning Stem Cell Work Helps Curtail Embryonic Research
STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, October 8, 2012 -- Moral theologian Father Thomas Berg is praising the work of Shinya Yamanaka, the winner of this year's Nobel Prize in medicine, for helping to “put human embryonic stem cell research largely out of business.”

Baltimore Archbishop Rallies Religious Leaders in Support of Marriage
- Archbishop William E. Lori of Baltimore last week told a large gathering of Maryland religious leaders opposed to Question 6 that it is urgent to organize voters opposed to the ballot measure, which would recognize “gay marriage” in the state.

Pope Opens Bishops' Synod With Universal Call to Holiness
- Pope Benedict XVI has formally opened the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization with a “universal call to holiness” aimed at all Christians worldwide.

The Election and the Future of Marriage
SAN FRANCISCO, CA, October 5, 2012 -- The marriage issue is front and center in this election season, and we have a unique and powerful opportunity to advance the cause for marriage and start moving to the offense.

CA Gay Therapy Law Erodes Parental Rights, Critics Charge
- Pro-family and parental rights groups are saying a new California law banning therapy for minors who struggle with same-sex attraction is disrespectful of both personal choice and parents' rights.

Archbishop GomezEvangelization Synod Participants Preview Their Roles
DENVER, CO, September 26, 2012 -- U.S. appointees to the upcoming bishops’ synod on the New Evangelization say the event will help advance evangelization in the world despite contemporary challenges.

Following Jesus and
Thinking With The Church
Requires a New Way of Thinking
VATICAN CITY, September 23, 2012  At midday today the Holy Father appeared on the balcony overlooking the internal courtyard of the Apostolic Palace at Castelgandolfo to pray the Angelus with faithful gathered there.

Archbishop ChaputArchbishop Chaput: Catholics Responsible for Evangelizing US
LOS ANGELES, CA, September 18 -- Archbishop Charles J. Chaput told the Los Angeles Catholic Prayer Breakfast Sept. 18 that Catholics must take responsibility for the evangelization of the country, and pursue this goal through humility and spiritual discipline.

Cardinal Dolan

Cardinal Dolan Says Religious Freedom Means Leaving Faith Alone
WASHINGTON D.C., September 13 -- Religious freedom in the United States has historically been understood as allowing religion to “flourish unfettered from government intrusion,” said Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan of New York.

UK Lawyers Say Christians May Have to Choose Between Faith and Job
STRASBOURG, FRANCE, September 12 -- Attorneys representing the United Kingdom said last week that Christians might have to forfeit their jobs if they wish to express their faith in the workplace.

Cardinal Dolan Prays for Life, Religious Liberty at DNC
CHARLOTTE, N.C., September 7, 2012 -- Cardinal Timothy Dolan’s final benediction at the Democratic National Convention on Thursday night called for blessings on the delegates, asked God for the “courage” to defend life and prayed for the renewal of “a profound respect for religious liberty.”

Anti-Family, Religious Freedom Bills Pass CA Legislature, Now Up to Governor Brown to Veto
SAN FRANCISCO, September 7, 2012 (Updated) -- This session, the CA Legislature has made the greatest attack in history on religious liberty, the unborn, marriage, the rights of parents, and women's health. Despite the efforts of so many of us, all of the bills that we have been fighting passed the Assembly and Senate and now await Governor Brown's signature or veto by September 30.

Immigration Policy Opening Doors for Young People
PROVIDENCE, R.I., September 6 -- For the last few years, since learning he had entered the United States illegally as a young child, Luis Lucario has lived with the fear that at any time, he could be discovered and deported back to Mexico, separating him from his family here.

Democratic Platform Includes Free Abortions, Official 'Gay Marriage' Support
-- For the first time in American history, a major U.S. political party has incorporated support for a redefinition of marriage into its official statement of beliefs.

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