Do You Know What is Being Taught to Your Children?

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Exercise Your Right To Opt Out
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Parents have a narrow window to opt their children out of objectionable "educational" content at the beginning of every school year. It is tricky, so parents must pay close attention. While this article pertains to California public schools, it provides good information that could be helpful to parents of children in private schools and schools in other states. Check private school policies or laws in other states.

Among the many documents that schools send home at the beginning of the year is one that includes topics within the schools curriculum that will be covered during the year. Unless parents request that their child not participate in classroom discussions and activities related to these subjects, the school assumes parental approval. A parent or guardian must specifically notify a school official about a topic they do not want their child exposed to.


Additional information from the California Catholic Conference

3-fold brochure in English (suitable for printing front/back in landscape position)

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2-pages in Spanish (suitable for printing front/back in portrait position)

Increasingly schools include materials and subjects in the curricula that have negative influences on children's understanding of marriage, family, human sexuality, and the dignity of human life. Often this kind of indoctrination also has the effect of intimidating them from being able to express truths derived from the teaching of their Catholic faith.

Although parents are provided with information about the right to opt out of school activities with objectionable content, it is usually done in technical legal language which can be easily overlooked or misunderstood.

The Education Committee of the California Catholic Conference (CCC) has prepared a guide for parents on how to protect their rights and protect their children in public schools. It also informs them of areas where they have no rights so they can be vigilant in protecting their children. These include private access for children to birth control drugs and devices, and access without a parent's knowledge to abortions that could scar them for life.

It is important to get this guide quickly as the school year has already begun. Unless you opt out of objectionable programs or classes, you will not have any control over what is being taught to your child.


1. Share this information with friends and relatives so that they can act to protect their children as well.

This is a great opportunity for Christian solidarity with parents who are struggling to raise and educate their children providing them with the foundation conducive to full human development. It is the responsibility of parents to teach their children and impart the values that spring from their faith, not the responsibility of public schools that seek to teach them a secular belief system lacking any moral foundation.



Some info that might help parents with children in public schools who are concerned about choosing to 'opt out' of objectionable events and special classes:

My daughter chose to opt out of her 5th grade sex ed class, where the teacher taught the mixed boys and girls class.  As one of the opt out students she was sent to the main office to do filing as if she were being punished.  The parents would do well to ask what other options there are to opting out that do not send a message of segregation or punishment to the child.

I learned later to be smart and take the time to pick my daughter up from school (not all parents can do this) and take her for an ice cream. On one of these occasions she went back to school after her special break, and while the other kids were reporting how disgusted they were by the sex ed teacher teaching the boys and girls how to put a condom on using a banana as a model, she felt especially grateful for how she had escaped.

Hope this helps some parents,

Mary -- Windsor, CA

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