STD Vacination without Parent Knowledge Bill on Way to Senate Floor


by Bill May

SACRAMENTO, Updated August 15, 2011-- AB 499, the bill which permits 12 year old children to give consent, without their parents' knowledge, for vaccines or other medication to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, was heard in the Senate Appropriations Committee on August 15 and will be up for a vote of the full committee on August 25. It will likely pass and move to the floor. 

Because the bill was crafted to avoid key words used in such medical legislation, organizations like the National Vaccine Information Center, a watch-dog group that is concerned with educating the public on problematic vaccines, was completely unaware of the bill, as were a number of other interested groups. Thanks to CCG's outreach efforts, these organizations are now becoming actively engage.

Bill's Author Responds to CCG on Pharmaceutical Blog

The fact that the California Catholic Conference and CCG have been leading the way on this bill has come to the attention of the pharmaceutical trade press. An article in the award winning pharmaceutical trade blog Pharmalot quoted CCG and gave credence to arguments of an end run that drug companies and providers are trying to make through this bill. They will profit from by-passing parents and coercing children into receiving the vaccines for certain STDs. The article is linked to others reporting how similar efforts have backfired in the past.

The bill's author, Toni Atkins of San Diego, apparently felt she needed to respond but did so in a most disingenuous way. She indicated that she was approached to author the bill by the American College of Gynecology (ACOG), not the drug company Merck, the manufacturer of controversial vaccine Gardasil. Some of the readers of the blog called her on this fact by pointing out that Merck had given almost $500,000 in funding to ACOG last year and another $100,000 in the first quarter of 2011. In an effort to dismiss the critical issue of parents' rights and a child's right to the counsel of her parents on grave matters concerning health, Atkins then responded a second time by saying that Catholic opposition to the bill was really just an extension of our opposition to abortion and "reproductive health of women".


As I previously reported, the bill passed the California Senate Judiciary committee on July 14, on a party-line vote, without any debate. Unbelievably, the only opposition at the hearing came from the California Catholic Conference, Catholics for the Common Good, and one member of a local Tea Party organization.

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Unanswered Questions

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At that time, only three people were there to stand up against medical witnesses, state agencies, and others advocating for an end-run on parental rights to push a sinister agenda of sexualizing our children. Thankfully that is now changing as more and more individuals and organizations are getting involved. It is critical to get the word out to even more people so that the threat to children can be fully understood.

Unanswered Questions

Recognizing that the committee was stacked in favor of passage, in my testimony, aside from the violation of parental rights to protect the welfare of their minor children, I appealed to the consciences of the members to consider flaws in the poorly thought-out bill and appealed to the committee to address the following questions:

  • The Center for Disease Control has reported deaths of 51 girls and 2 boys after being administered one of the vaccines covered by this bill (Gardasil). Why are there no assurances in the bill that children will be told that receiving these vaccines could cause them to die, although the risk is small? What about the other possible debilitating side effects of these vaccines?
  • How can a 12 year old evaluate risks and statistics? How do their brains process such information? Has there ever been a study on that?
  • Children can be easily intimidated or influenced by the authority of adults. There is money to be made by administering these vaccines and other drugs by the drug companies and service providers (like Planned Parenthood). What protects children from coercion driven by the profit motive?
  • If there are allergic reactions and other side effects to the vaccines, how will parents be able to recognize them and act on them quickly if they don’t know that their child has received the vaccine? It is critical to react quickly to save lives and to prevent long-term consequences for the child.
judicary chairm Noreen Evans AB499
Senate Judiciary Chair
Noreen Evans

No one on the committee asked any of these questions, not even the lone Republican, Senator Tom Harman, who showed up for the hearing (Republican Sam Blakeslee of San Luis Obispo was absent and did not vote). The committee chairman, Senator Noreen Evans, said the bill was necessary because “a lot of kids today do not have parents that are either capable or do take good responsible care of them.” The statement made evident their intent to try to vaccinate every child they possibly can even though there was a public outcry when they tried to make such vaccinations mandatory in 2007.


I do not believe the parents of California are so cynical that they are willing to abdicate their parental responsibility on such a critical issue.  As word has gotten out on this bill, organizations and individuals have been responding and forcing legislators to take a second look at this bill and it devestating consequences.  Since the hearing for AB 499 is not until August 15, there is still time for us to act.

  1. Call your state senator and ask him or her to vote NO on AB 499.
  2. Write a Letter to the Editor. Express your feelings about this bill and ask others to join you in opposing it. If you write a Letter to the Editor, also send it to CCG so we can share it with other letter writers. Send it to
  3. Call radio talk shows to explain what AB 499 does and why people need to oppose it.
  4. Forward the link to this article to at least 5 other people and ask them to get involved in this issue.

And, most importantly pray.

Talking points and a copy of the letter
that CCG sent to members of the Judiciary Committee are available for your reference. 

We will continue to keep those who sign up for emails up to date on activities to oppose AB499. 

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