Assisted Suicide Featured on Dr. Oz Show


Make a Statement Against Assisted Suicide
Let's Dr. Oz Know Where You Stand

LOS ANGELES, November 1, 2011-- Today's Dr. OZ show is featuring the subject of doctor assisted suicide. Our thanks goes to Alex Schadenberg of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition,and the Californians Against Assisted Suicide for bringing this to our attention.

As Alex reports, "This show was designed to be a propaganda piece in favour of assisted suicide but we hope that through the interview process that the show became balanced. Check for your local listings.

Understanding Assisted Suicide.

"The Dr. OZ show did print two competing essays on their website. The suicide lobby was represented by the President of Compassion & Choices Barbara Coombs-Lee. The side opposing assisted suicide was represented by Ari Ne'eman a member of the National Council on Disability in the United States. Ne'eman's article is titled: Death on Demand Risks and Responsibilities."

CCG knows Barbara Coombs-Lee well from her advocacy of suicide and euthanasia, and attacks by her organization on the Catholic Church. Compassion and Choices was formerly known as the Hemlock Society.


Share your thoughts with the producers of the Dr. OZ show HERE. It is important for them to get strong feedback from people objecting to making suicide a medical treatment, particularly in a time when there is so much pressure to cut healthcare costs.

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