“Senators throw the rights of children under the bus”

DOMA Repeal Passes US Senate Judiciary Committee
Senator Feinstein Leads Party-Line 10-8 Vote

SAN FRANCISCO, November, 10, 2011 -- Today, the US Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senator Diane Feinstein's bill to repeal DOMA on a straight party-line vote. Catholics for the Common Good issued the following statement to the media:

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"Senators throw rights of
children under the bus"

CCG to Senators: Don't Attack
Children's Rights Re Marriage

The follow statement was issued by William B. May, President of Catholics for the Common Good, regarding the vote of the Senate Judiciary Committee to repeal DOMA (SB 598):

“It was disgusting to see adults trivialize marriage by bickering about benefits for gay couples while the rights and interests of children in the marriage of their mothers and fathers were being thrown under the bus."

"Children have a right to know and be cared for by their mothers and fathers, and government has an obligation to promote the recognition of that right by encouraging men and woman to marry before having children. But “marriage equality” says it should be discriminatory to promote marriage between a man and a woman as having any unique value or benefit for children and society. That is a lie."

"Today, Senator Feinstein and the other 9 Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee made a statement that the government has no interest in the only institution that not only unites a man and a woman with each other, but with any children born from their union"

In an email to CCG followers, CCG President, William May said:

"This vote was a ploy to appease gay rights groups leading up to the election and to provide a continued sense of momentum for them as several cases designed to overturn DOMA wind their way through federal courts. The bill will need 60 votes to come to a vote on the Senate floor. This will be impossible as the election year approaches.

"However, we must stand up and fight every battle. We know marriage is a reality that unites a man and a woman with each other and any children born from their union. That is what marriage is and it can't be change.

"For too long, too many elected officials have been trying to accommodate powerful special interests' in their efforts to redefine marriage as merely the legal recognition of committed relationships for the private interests of adults-- recognition, benefits, etc. They have been doing it with impunity and they need to be called to account about the consequences.

"But that can't happen unless we are willing to make sacrifices, change our personal priorities, and roll up our sleeves to build the army needed to take back marriage and family. This is not like any other army because this is an army of love, walking with Christ, in solidarity with the increasing number of children who are deprived of marriage mothers and fathers, and young people who are receiving a corrupted understanding of love and sexuality. This undermines their ability to form healthy stable relationships that lead to marriage as the foundation of the family. This is a crisis that is effecting almost every family.

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