North Carolina Victory --What it Means Going Forward

NC Marriage Amendment Passes
Protects Marriage and Bans Pseudo-Marriage
More Challenges Ahead

by William B. May

SAN FRANCISCO, May 9, 2012-- Despite a well financed campaign of deception by opponents, North Carolina's Amendment One received overwhelming support with a 61% to 39% win. This was a huge step forward in protecting the reality that marriage unites men and women and any children born of their unions.

Many CCG volunteers can take satisfaction for having participated in this victory by making phone calls in a coordinated effort from California and other states to North Carolina voters. You will be happy to know that several Catholic priests signed up and participated in this effort as well. We owe a debt of gratitude and a special thanks to all who made this victory possible.

A few weeks ago, it looked like this measure was headed for defeat as opponents mounted an expensive ad campaign geared to confuse voters. They claimed amendment would remove domestic violence protections and local media and many local officials did everything they could to support the deception. That is when our Prayer and Spiritual Support Committee sprung into action by asking 19 religious communities across the country to join in an intercessory prayer effort in support of the truth about marriage.

One important feature of the constitutional amendment is that it also prohibited pseudo-marriage laws like civil unions and domestic partnerships. These kinds of marriage equivalency laws are used to undermine the understanding of marriage, prohibit schools from teaching the unique value of marriage for children and society, and are used as the basis of legal and legislative attacks on marriage.

While we are ecstatic with the results in North Carolina, we have our work cut out for us with SB1140 and other legislation threatening marriage and family in California, and the defense of DOMA at the federal level. There will also be efforts in Maryland and Washington state to reverse laws passed earlier this year to redefine marriage in those states, in Maine to defend against an effort to repeal the marriage amendment there, and in Minnesota to pass a marriage protection amendment.

In addition, President Obama's announcement that he is committed to redefining marriage will make marriage a major issue in the Presidential election as well as congressional and state legislative races across the country.

All of these events mean one thing. Marriage will be discussed and debated around every family dinner table, water coolers and at social events every day and every night. Are you ready for those discussions?Join the Stand with Children by subscribing to CCG's emails. Consider starting a Faith and Action Circle in your community today.

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During the month of May, we pray in a special way to our patroness, Our Lady of Guadalupe. Please join us in asking her protection for the future of marriage and families. Pray that she guide committed, energetic individuals to the marriage movement, that we may redouble our efforts to protect marriage from those who would destroy it.

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