CCG Training Guide Awarded #1 Family Life Book

SAN FRANCISCO, Fall 2013 -- As many are discouraged by the seeming inevitability of redefining marriage, there are reasons for hope. Momentum is growing for a new positive movement to reframe the debate based on the question, “Do we need an institution that unites kids with their moms and dads?”

CCG is pleased to announce the happy news that our guide, “Getting the Marriage Conversation Right,” was awarded #1 Family life book by the Catholic Press Association. The booklet serves as a training and formation booklet for explaining marriage in non-religious language without fear of retribution.

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While the booklet is being distributed by many dioceses, parishes and organizations, it is most valuable when used in small faith sharing or study groups. Reading and reflecting on the booklet in groups not only help participants learn a new language for communicating the reality of marriage to friends and family members, but serve as support groups on an ongoing basis as challenges arise in family, social and workplace conversations.

As CCG President Bill May wrote in the USCCB pamphlet, Explaining the Reality of Marriage to Family and Friends, "Many now only accept Church teaching that correlates with their own experience. Building a deeper faith and increasing confidence requires testing and verifying what she teaches[1]. "

In order to be able to communicate the truth about love, marriage and family to our family members and friends in non-religious language, it is important that we first verify its truth for ouselves so that we can help others verify it as well. This comes through contemplation and sharing insights. 

Catholics for the Common Good approaches issues related to marriage and family from the perspective of the child: "Father ... although you have hidden these things from the wise and the learned you have revealed them to the childlike."[LK 10:21]. In the group formation process, participants learn how to witness the truth about marriage without risk of attacks or ridicule. This is most important for children, who are under daily pressure from peers, teachers and influences from the popular culture (TV, music, etc.).

Consider forming a Faith and Action Circle in your circle of friends, organization, or parish.


[1] Dwight Longenecker, "The Risk of Faith," The Veritas Series (New Haven, CT: Knights of Columbus Supreme Council, 2008), (accessed May 17, 2013).

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