Marriage and Social Justice

“Rebuilding a marriage culture is an imperative of social justice,” says Bill May, founder and president of Catholics for the Common Good.

by John Burger

SAN FRANCISCO, June 12, 2014 (CWR) -- If you knew that Catholics for the Common Good was based in California and you noticed on its website a box with the words “Same-Sex Marriage” crossed out in a red circle—and the words “The wrong issue” above that, you might think this was some kind of “Left Coast” initiative, heavy on Catholic “social justice” and light on life, marriage, and family issues.

You’d be right that they’re heavy on Catholic social doctrine. But they’re equally passionate about those other issues. In fact, according to CCG founder and president William B. May, they all tie in with one another.

The issue isn’t about whether same-sex couples should be allowed to marry, he says. “The issue is: do we need a civil institution that is specifically geared for uniting kids with their moms and dads?”

May looks at the breakdown of marriage in recent decades: the high rate of divorce, the increase in births to unwed mothers, etc. What has it yielded? An increase of children living in poverty, higher rates of juvenile delinquency among boys without a father, and other ills. “Rebuilding a marriage culture is an imperative of social justice,” May said. Every law, every curriculum, and every institution should be judged by how well it supports men and women marrying before having children.”


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