Assisted Suicide/Euthanasia

Assisted Suicide Update: Washington and Montana
Letters Needed in California

SAN FRANCISCO, FEB. 6, 2009 -- Since 2005 the California Legislature has consistently rejected controversial efforts to legalize assisted suicide, but Compassion and Choices (the former Hemlock Society) is persistant in continuing to raise the issue in California. It is important that newly elected legislators become aware of the history and consequences of this issue so that they are not talked into supporting such a bill if it is introduced. You can help by sending a letter to your state senator or assembly member, particularly if they are newly elected.

CA Governor Signs Suicide Advocates' Bill
SAN FRANCISCO, September 30, 2008 -- Despite a very strong opposition, Governor Schwarzenegger signed AB 2747, the bill sponsored by the former Hemlock Society.

Church Teaching on "Brain Death" Clarified by Vatican Spokesman
VATICAN CITY, September 5, 2008- There has been no change in Church teaching regarding the concept of "brain death" as a true criterion for death, though the criterion has to be applied correctly, reminded a Vatican spokesman.

Suicide Offered, Life-extending Drug Denied
EUGENE, OR, June 3, 2008 - When Barbara Wagner of Springfield, Oregon learned that the Oregon Health Plan did not cover her life-prolonging cancer treatment drug her oncologist prescribed, the letter of denial advised her that the assisted suicide would be covered. According to the Register Guard, Eugene Wagner said "I think it's messed up", as she burst into tears.

Conscience Rights Under Threat
Health Issues Spark Conflicts

ROME, June 1, 2008 -- The attempt to limit religion to the purely private sphere is a major area of conflict in many countries. One of the areas of battle involves Christians and Church-based institutions active in health care.

Doctor's Perspective on AB 2747
California Bill Promotes Assisted-Suicide in Disguise
California Assembly Bill 2747 purports to address problems of end of life care. In fact, it is a bill to enact "ending life care."

Physician-Assisted Suicide Advocates Fail in California with AB 374
Campaigns to Legalize PAS in Four Other States
SAN FRANCISCO, February 13, 2008-- Although advocates of physician-assisted suicide have failed in California with the defeat of AB 374, they are currently conducting campaigns in other states. Legalizing physician-assisted suicide anywhere in the US would be of national significance by paving the way to passing similar legislation in other states.

California Suicide Bill Fails to Get Enough Votes
AB374 Dies Natural Death -- at least for 2007
Citizen Phone Calls and Postcards Won the Day

AB 374 would open the door to a new medical specialization - Assisted Suicide Specialist

HMO Doctors say killing patients is OK

Wesley Smith: Catholic Nursing Homes to Be Forced to Permit Assisted Suicide

SACRAMENTO, CALIF., June 7, 2007 -- Advocates of legalizing suicide as a medical treatment in California have acknowledged that they could not muster enough votes on the Assembly floor to pass AB 374. They indicated the bill has been put on the shelf for this year but could bring it up again in 2008.

California HMO doctors say it's OK to kill patients
SACRAMENTO, MARCH 22, 2007 - If suicide becomes a medical treatment alternative to care for the dying, it is easy to understand the financial advantages to hospitals, HMO's and MediCal. A fifty-dollar prescription is a lot cheaper than providing proper care.

Rally Photos: Pickets against AB 374
Los Angeles and Sacramento, Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Assisted suicide legislation threatens lives of poor and vulnerable
Proposed "medical treatment" redefines value of life
The making physician-assisted suicide a "medical treatment" is a serious threat to how people understand the value of human life and literally will put pressure on the poor and most vulnerable to end their lives early. What is being sold today as a "right to die" can easily become a responsibility to die.

Teaching on Suicide and Euthanasia
Excerpted from Gospel of Life

Pope: During Lent Become Aware of Dangers Against Elderly
As California is facing the threat of physician assisted suicide legislation, it is prophetic that the Holy Father has called on the faithful to use this Lenten period as a time of reflection on growing treats to the elderly and disabled in this culture of death.

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