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Family Eucharistic Conference Catholics For The Common Good Our Lady of Peace
July 27at Our Lady of Peace
Santa Clara, CA
Features Bill May

SANTA CLARA, CA, July 22, 2013--Because the crisis related to marriage is so critical, this Saturday, July 27, the Shrine of Our Lady of Peace in Santa Clara is holding an all-day Family Eucharistic Congress featuring CCG’s President Bill May. May, the author of Getting the Marriage Conversation Right, is an increasingly sought after speaker on marriage, family and culture by dioceses, parishes and Catholic organizations.

Major San Diego Marriage Strategy Event,
Diocesan Pastoral Center, Wed. 7/17
Reservations Only/ Space is Limited
SAN DIEGO, CA, July 10, 2013--CCG's San Diego Team leaders have joined forces with the Office for Social Ministry of the Diocese of San Diego for an evening with CCG President Bill May on Wednesday, July 17, to discuss the marriage crisis and where we go from here. His talk, entitled “A New Strategy Needed for Marriage,” will focus on recent Supreme Court decisions, the breakdown of marriage, and will illustrate the critical need for a new positive marriage movement. 

MercatorNet Interview:
Getting the Marriage Conversation Right
SYDNEY, May 09, 2013 -- It is important to use terms that convey the truth about marriage, says an author who has been active in the marriage debate. We have all, or nearly all, done it -- talked about "gay marriage" or "same-sex marriage". But according to William B. May, who has been in the thick of the marriage debate in the United States, that's a mistake. MercatorNet asked him to explain.

Robert Destro, Law Professor, Catholic University, Catholics for the Common Good advisor.

CCG Files Prop 8 Amicus with US Supreme Court:
Overturning Prop 8 Violates Voters Rights;
Repudiation of Attacks on Religion, Particularly Catholics
WASHINGTON, DC, January 29, 2013  – Catholics for the Common Good and the Marriage Law Project filed an amicus brief today with the Supreme Court in support of the California Proposition 8 legal defense. The brief was explicitly offered in the same spirit in which lay Catholics rose to challenge unjust laws banning interracial marriage.

Catholic Witness to a Nation Divided

"Catholic Witness In A Nation Divided"
A National Conference About the Future

LANSING, MI, January 2, 2013--Catholics and many others around the country have lost a bit of faith, hope, and joy after this year's election. To chart a new course for Catholics, Ave Maria Radio will sponsor a day long conference Saturday, January 12 in Michigan called "Catholic Witness In A Nation Divided."

What People Are Saying About
"Getting the Marriage Conversation Right"
(En español)
Learn how to explain marriage to children and friends in ways everyone can understand. Presented in non-religious language based on authentic Catholic social doctrine and the teaching of Blessed John Paul II.

CCG Partners with Diocese of Oakland
Certification Class Offered:

"Love, Sex, and the Mystery of the Human Person"
SAN FRANCISCO, August 8, 2012 -- Catholics for the Common Good is excited to announce a new course for certification with the Oakland Diocesan St. Francis de Sales School for Pastoral Ministry. Sessions begin Saturday, August 11. There is still time to register and join the class!

Amb. Ray Flynn: HHS Mandate Driving Wedge
Between Catholics and Democratic Party
BOSTON, June 8, 2012 -- Ambassador Raymond L. Flynn expressed concern about the HHS mandate driving a wedge between Catholics and the Democratic Party as he addressed a Stand Up for Religious Freedom rally at the Boston Commons today.

CCG Receives $15,000 Matching Grant
Launching Campaign to Take Back Marriage
SAN FRANCISCO, June 7, 2012 -- Several weeks ago, the President gave us a gift by clarifying his position on marriage, making it a campaign issue. By redefining marriage, he has unwittingly proposed eliminating the only institution that unites children with their moms and dads. Voters are paying attention, and now the time is ripe for us to go on the offense. We are ready and will be telling you more about this, and some other significant developments over the next few weeks as we reveal our plans.

William B. May Stand up for Religious freedom rally, San Francisco HHS Regional Office  HHS Mandate- Defending attacks on the Catholic Church

Its the Person, Not Just the Principle
Response to HHS Mandate

"We Will Do No Harm!" 
HHS REGIONAL OFFICE, SAN FRANCISCO, CA, March 23, 2012 – “The First Amendment is supposed to protect us from the tyranny of government forcing us to violate our consciences ... But it is important to remember, the reason we don’t want to violate our consciences is not just a matter of principle, but a matter of not wanting to do what we know will cause harm to other people,” said Catholics for the Common Good President William B. May speaking to the local Stand Up For Religious Freedom Rally.

“Senators Throw Rights of Children
Under Bus”

DOMA Repeal Passes US Senate Judiciary
CCG Issues Press Statement
SAN FRANCISCO, November, 10, 2011 -- Today, the US Senate Judiciary Committee passed Senator Diane Feinstein's bill to repeal DOMA on a straight party-line vote. Catholics for the Common Good issued the following statement to the media:

CCG to Senate Judiciary Committee:
Don’t Oppose Only Institution Uniting Children with Parents
SAN FRANCISCO, November 7, 2011 -- In a letter to the Senate Judiciary Committee, CCG President, William B. May cautioned the Senators that voting to repeal DOMA is “a statement that the government has no interest in the only institution that promotes that children be raised by their mothers and fathers.”

Hear Bill May on
"From the Front Lines of the Culture War"

with Charles LiMandri
Reshaping the dialogue about marriage and family to reflect their indisputable human reality.

Shameful Indifference by U.S. to
Persecution of Middle East Christians

BOSTON, MA, October 11, 2011--The following statement was released by Catholics for the Common Good Adviser, Ambassador Raymond L. Flynn about the lack of response by the U.S. government to the "horrific mistreatment of Christians in the Middle East."

Joe Espinnueva Catholics for the Common Good San Francisco County Co-Chair

CCG County Leader’s Push for Sacred Vows
SAN FRANCISCO, August 10, 2011 -- St. Thomas More Parish in San Francisco is hosting a wedding for as many as 20 couples — one parish’s response to a decline of almost 50 percent in weddings among Catholics in the past two decades.

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